Thursday, December 13, 2007

Black Riders

Here's a digital collage sketch I threw together last night. I've got this idea for a giant demonic race of these vintage racers with some Big Daddy Roth inspiration thrown in for good measure. This is just a conceptual rough of one rider. The full composition would have dozens of em racing around with some crash and burning, others fighting back and forth across their vehicles, bunch of Mad Max meets Hieronymus Bosch insanity going down!


Matthew Allison said...

What a fantastic idea. Every time I see one of your collages I imagine how amazing it would be to see an animated short based on the images.

Can't wait to see the final results.

Human Mollusk said...

Great concept, Aeron!

Aeron said...

Thanks, part of the goal for this one is going to be showing action vs static poses, which is what is usually seen in my digital pieces. The trick is going to be showing all of these insane action sequences, hotrods flipping upside down while exploding, bodies flying out, other riders slamming into each other, and so on then put it all in one single composition. I need to do research on car crashes and the visual effects of vehicles exploding, bursting into flames in mid air to get it right. It's going to be a fun piece to work on next year. I'm going for a similar visual motif in my Battle of Blix battle scene but with guns firing, cannons exploding, etc. It's carnage time!