Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Traveling Magician

Another digital rough sketch. I want to get back into doing these smaller scale digital pics again, similar to the stuff in the imaginary museum.

edit - messed with it more..


Human Mollusk said...

Cool, Aeron - I love the way the elephant head on the magician gives him a wizened but fearsome aura!

Aeron said...

It's going to be some time but you guys are going to really dig the weird ideas I have for the Magician characters in this book. There's a town where all the buildings resemble giant black top hats. There's these weird ancient shrines where magicians come in a sort of ceremonial pilgrimage to acquire favors from the magic that oozes like black stuff out of the ground. It's an entire continent that I'm plotting out where the Magicians rule, land of illusions, something like that. There's a scene that I have laid out that needs digitally realized where there's a group of traveling magicians standing in front of holes in the ground from which the black magic sprays out, kind of like old faithful but being magic the black ooze comes out like hallucinations, weird twirling patterns, lots of insane stuff like that going on.