Saturday, December 01, 2007

the mysterious world of fear, ugliness and death.

I found a fantastic old "child protection" article linked from the Blurp Balls site, posted by RAG. The article is basically about everything i was into in the 80s, outside of music. But if they added music, then i'm sure that would be suspect as well!

Child's Play - OR IS IT?

"Toys in the Mad Scientist series include one called the "Monster Lab Set." It bids you to "make disgusting, gross monsters… then sizzle the flesh off their bones." On the box a group of young boys dips a creature in a frothing vat of pretend acid. How about the "Glowing Glop Kit?" The advertising tells youngsters, "Squeeze 'em! Alien Blood oozes from their eyes."

The gross toy boom prompted a popular brand of children's candy that looks like spiders and rats.

Some adults are concerned with trends toward grossness in lines of toys such as the Garbage Pail kids because the ugliness desensitizes children gradually till they are no longer offended by violence, sadism and the grotesque."

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Aeron said...

If it's too gross, yer too old!!!