Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Residents in Oslo.

Here's a link to fantastic Residents performance
I wanted to post it like Aeron's done with the youtube clips, but couldn't figure out how to do it.


Aeron said...

There's an imbed code on the video page to the left that you can copy and paste to put the video file directly into our blog.

Great video, I've been lucky enough to see The Residents play live 3 times in the past ten years. Twice at the House Of Blues in Chicago and once at the Congress Theater in Chicago. They put on an amazing live show with incredible theatrics. I first discovered them when I was a kid going through my dad's cd collection where I found the Heaven album, been a fan ever since. I love those Jonathon Rosen mini animations found inside the dark ride on the "Bad Day At The Midway" cd rom the Residents put out in the early nineties.

zeke said...

Cheers Aeron, I'll give the code a go next time.
It's equally cool that you've seen the Residents 3 times and found them in your Dad's cd collection!
I'm not familiar with the 'Heaven' album and haven't had chance to see the Jonathon Rosen animations unfortunately.
I first discovered them when I bought the 'king and eye' album just because of the fantastic cover.Not one of their best, but what a cover!
The commercial album's the one I seem to listen to most these days.

Human Mollusk said...

I'm a longtime Residents fan, too. Saw them only once though, when they came to Germany on their Wormwood tour. Awesome stuff.

Aeron said...

The stage props from the Wormwood tour were incredible. I loved the way they used the lighting on the large sheets of .. what was that, foil?