Thursday, January 15, 2009

Black in Back

Yes.I'm glad too.

I've been drawing up a storm lately, propelled by the recent acquisition of an actual "client". I've sold a few things here and there, but this new guy bought a bunch. I'd like to think it doesn't matter. It doesn't , in a way- I'm sure I'd still draw- but this little incentive has given me a little push, to be sure.

Here are a few newer ones:

(click on all to enlarge)


If any of you guys would like to contribute interviews to the Top Drawer Blog, I'd be more than happy to have you. It's pretty fun, but I got a little burnt on it, to be honest. I'll still conduct interviews, just not on a regular basis.


-Dead Moon

- Lot's of old metal, like Metal Church, Iron Maiden, Sodom , early Accept and lots more. I'm trying to dig deeper into more obscure metal, but money is an issue. A lot of times, even if the music isn't top notch, I still get a lot out of the covers, logos, photos,etc.. Something about that era really gets me. Hard to explain.

Giorgio Moroder. - Thanks Jeffrey!

Watching- Battlestar Season 4. Anybody else?
I got The Dark Knight for Xmas and have been watching the shit out of it too. I don't think it's a perfect movie, but there's some kind of power that overrides those flaws.

I've started a new "solo" blog. It's more of an online scrapbook. Check it out HERE. I continue to use Flickr a lot. That sort of satisfies that urge to post my drawings. If you haven't done so yet, hit me up on Flickr , Myspace and Facebook..

Anyhow, Glad to be back.


Uland said...

Oh yeah- I'm going to color a couple of these drawings too. I'll post them soon..

Unknown said...

hey, welcome back. the stuff on Top Drawer Blog is awesome

SEAN said...

These are fun, i like the space-filled depressive character in them. Also, you know my feelings about early metal, & i just posted about Giorgio Moroder on BRAIN STORM a bit ago. He also produced Nina Hagen's "FEARLESS" album which is awesome.

Uland said...

Thanks Marek- It's good to be back.

Sean- Yeah, I think my drawings do have a depressive quality to them. I hadn't thought of it, but yeah, I can see it. It's a pretty grim time of the year up here. Like -25. It's literally painful to leave the house.
Our own Jeffrey Meyer turned me on to Moroder. I love it. I'll look for the Nina Hagen album..

Gaspard Pitiot said...
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Aeron said...

Good to see you back, Uland. The new drawings certainly retain that unique abstract alien bizarro world of much of your work. It's fun to see the way you turn patterns and flat shapes into these unusual landscapes/objects/characters. It's a unique power to your imagery that you leave it to the viewer's own imagination how they want to interpret what they see. Kind of a more complicated take on the rorschach inkblot test.

Gaspard Pitiot said...

I definitely like your constructions. When you were away we planned to make a Livre Sans Poches (zine). Would you like to be part of it? Have a look at the EBD discussion group: there are two discussions about that. Email me what ever you want. I especially like the third drawing of your post. We could use this one? (please email it to me in a high resolution if you like this idea).

Robert Adam Gilmour said...

You got some of the Rudy Palais lovely dissease of delirious sweatiness in your drawings.

I'm surprised you bother with Battlestar,, I dont think it's crap or anything,, it just leaves the impression on me that most big budget tv drama leaves on me... competent but a bit forgettable.

I'm sorry again for any way I might have annoyed you ealier,, I cant help but feel that I was one of the things that made you feel like leaving.
I had been subconciously trying to impress people, which is something I always criticise others for and didnt realise how much I did it myself.

Uland said...

No, it wasn't you Robert. It wasn't anybody; it was me vs. Monsters.

Yeah, I can see not being into Battlestar, IF YOU"RE IN A COMA. I kid. I love the show, what can I say? Maybe I'm a sucker..

Paleo said...

what a terryfyijng creatyre on that seconfd drawinjh..

Welcome back, didn't the joker character on The Dark Knight cracks you up?

Uland said...

Yeah, he chews up every scene he's in. Great performance. I know everyone is saying it, but it's true..

Anonymous said...

Speakin of Moroder ...

- aeron

zeke said...

Good to see you back Uland.