Sunday, January 25, 2009

Gilded Goat on a Mountain Mirror


Human Mollusk said...

In the Cthulhu roleplaying game players lose mental stability each time they witness something horrific or learn more about the Great Old ones.

For me that happens when I see a new drawing of yours.

Aeron said...

I'll never think of jello the same!

zeke said...

So... the two guys are racing each other across the mutating landscape of that grumpy planet, whilst being reported on by the microbe satellite in the top left corner and about to be rammed by the critter in the dodgem car in the lower left.
The guy in front's winning the race so far 'cause his arms are being held hostage.
Too much mania here for one poor sheet of paper to contain, it's busting free, look out!!!!

Paleo said...

Fuckin' sheet of paper s'gonna pay for EVERYTHING.