Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I'm experimenting with creating monsters by designing their general shapes, later I'll be going back in and filling out the anatomies with surface effects.


Matt Kish said...

Saw these on TCJ message board, they're really remarkable. How in the world did you do this? Ink blots? A secret you can't divulge or you'll have to kill me?

Aeron said...

Thanks, these are made basically the same way I construct my regular digital artworks, layering a lot of pieces together. These just have the surfaces heavily darkened.


NEat to see these this way. I just watched one of those fucked up BBC Among the Undergrowth bug documentaries with Attenburough & my repulsion towards wasps has been reinvigorated. I see alot of waspy shapes in here. Fuckin' wasps man. Disgusting creatures. Demonic in a way, laying eggs inside of creatures & the maggots eating them from the inside out. Blech! Gross. I prefer rainbow vomit.

Aeron said...

Yeah, a lot of these are inspired by bugs and crab like bodies. I love those documentaries on insects where it shows the world in its surreal fantastic beauty from the perspective of all these insane creepy crawly bastards everywhere.

There's one that shows a giant centipede crawling around on the inside of cave walls eating bats, very awesome.

Something funny happened to me earlier, I was saving my photoshop file and it said it was too big, it was around 2.8 - 3 gigs. I didn't know there was a size limit on photoshop! Appparently there is and it's 2 gigabytes.

Anonymous said...

fxxkin' awesome shapes/shades there, aeron!