Saturday, March 07, 2009

Something Evil This Way Comes..

What I've been doing this week..

The edges around the thing look a little rough but still need some carving out and atmospheric layers that will give it more of a ... lurking in the sky vibe.


Sagäuin said...

Well done maestro.

pickledpunk said...

Horrific and ghastly as always Aeron! Is this going to be one of the creatures in that large nightmare landscape piece? And speaking of the monster landscape...will it eventually be available in some form of print at all? Anyways...I'm really looking forward to seeing that.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, and yes, high quality poster sized (25 x 35 inch) art prints of this will eventually be made available of this image. I'm looking into working with a printing company that does giclee prints, I might go that way depending on printing costs.

- aeron