Tuesday, September 22, 2009


It seemed a bit crass to post an ad on here, but then i reconsidered. This blog is called Eaten By Ducks anyhow.
Fill Your Head With Trash! - Promotional Poster for MWC
Stop buying your kids that Japanese Crap! Monsters, Weirdos & Creeps cards are out NOW! 27 Krazy, Kreepy & Gross characters! Comics, a puzzle & KOOL KRAP on the backs! Klassic American low-brow trash culture that'll put hair on your teeth! Always "G" rated!
$2 for first pack by mail, a buck a pop for each additional one. Postpaid.
$20 for a box of 20 packs. Control the market!
Limited run insures KRAZY KOLLECTIBILITY!
paypal gogoblinko at gmail.com
SHOPS, contact me for wholesale prices!
Monsters, Weirdos & Creeps Cards
Mr. Sean Mouths Off
This was going to be the flip-side to the Monsters, Weirdos & Creeps wax pax but it made gluing them shut impossible. So as to not waste, here it is for you.


Robert Adam Gilmour said...

Even though that sheet is not going out, I think you should have wrote it a little more carefully...

-Arcade machines are a huge waste of money if you are anyone but a games specialist,, even in Japan arcade machines are dying a horrible death. A general store or cinema would be crazy to put in arcade machines unless they didnt mind losing all that money.

-No need to give Japan crap just because the stuff we mostly import from there is usually not very good,, it'd just be like them assuming we all draw generic superhero fare((and I hear they often do assume that in europe and asia))). They used to produce a lot of gross comics for kids a couple of decades ago, usually featuring kids with snot hanging out their nostrils.
There is still alot of good stuff to be mined from there,, I just wish people would search alittle harder all over the world for the good stuff. Countries all over the world have comics I'd like to see. I've had a glimpse of some really good nasty stuff from east asia, south america and europe,,, and I want more.

- I wouldnt want kids reading the shitty comics we get today in the local stores. But I fully support the idea of cheap entertainment. I'd gladly suffer a little if it meant giving out cheap entertainment far and wide. The greedy short-sightedness and desire for money nownownow is what is killing the entertainment industries. I'm pretty happy to watch them die, partly because I think things will be better after they have died,, but I could be horribly, horribly mistaken. Surely the collapse of major film and comic stuidos would benefit everyone? Maybe I dont know that they are a necessary evil.
The reprint-mania of today is great,, but the 500 page black and white books are the only good thing around for young people today. One of the many reasons I hate those hardback badly reproduced books that I burned is because they could be sold to kids in a cheaper and better form and inspire a new generation instead of taking the piss by asking for 50 bucks and giving you a tiny fraction of what you payed for and expecting you to buy the variant cover too.
I'd like to see more hybrids of comics and picture books. Imagine a cheap magazine in local stores of perhaps 50 pages of monster drawings. That would be great.

-One of the things that bugs me most about modern life is the sheer amount of artificiality in everything. I hate cars because the smell of them makes me sick,, I have tried not to work in factories because of the smell of glue, metal and rubber.
Is it too much to ask wanting to smell the fucking fresh air in this world? If there is any fresh air left.

-I've heard a lot of disapproving talk of juxtapoz on here, and didnt know anything about them other the covers that i often found offputtingly artificial/superficial. But I bought the October issue because John Cebollero was in it anf there is quite a few good artists in there this month. Cebollero was one of the Garbage Pail Kids artists, I've mentioned him here a couple of times...

Aeron said...

Oh hell yeah, these look awesome! Are you putting together a Halloween sack of goods for the local kids like you did the other year?

Aeron said...

And Sean, you should consider doing a series of Halloween decorations to sell online, if not now then next year. Like large weird characters on thick card paper that can be cut out and hung on doors, made into masks, things like that. I'm thinking of doing something like that myself next year. This is due largely to the lack of any good Halloween decorations this year, nobody makes the good stuff anymore! Somebody needs to!

Coop said...

How do I get hold of these in the UK? What would the shipping cost?


Robert, i play old school games if i come across them no matter what. It's always worth a quarter to play Pac Man or Donkey Kong or Space Invaders or whatever. Pin-ball is the same for me, but the old games are super rare these days. I can't speak to new games & their cost efficacy, but i don't like the new games so it doesn't really matter. About Japan, i know all about old Japanese comics & yes, i'd say that most of them produced before 1990 were at least alright to look at, i might say the same about American comics too actually, but everything that is being translated into English & distributed in the USA these days is total shit. It needs to become un-cool to like Japanese stuff, because it IS un-cool these days. I agree with all your other points. Aeron, they are selling reprints of 60s & 70s halloween decorations around here for cheap this halloween, i was amazed, but yes, someone should be making better ones & why not me? & yeah, i'm giving away the best crap in town on Halloween again this year! We're making the front of our house into a graveyard, i'm working on the gravestones right now. Coop, i'm not sure how expensive it is to send stuff to the UK these days, but i'll figure it out. send me an email gogoblinko at gmail.com