Saturday, September 19, 2009

Just some bits and bobs

As far as I know,, Jacula are the first horror themed band ever, correct me if I'm wrong. They later turned into Antonius Rex. I can never get enough pipe organ and this just hits the spot.

The first and last minutes of this song are to DIE for, but the middle is just pretty nice. Associated with Steve Hillage of Gong. In recent times the frontman Mont Campbell of Egg does actually look like a wizard but he is an exceptionally handsome man((I seem to be going crazy for handsome guys in bands)).

I'd been hearing the name The Residents several times but it came to the amount of times where you start thinking "If I keep hearing about them in the circles that I'm poking around in, I'd better check them out" and then I found this massive article on Not Available and then I listened to this video and being quite astounded then bought the album. Then I found out there had already a couple of mentions of them on this very blog,, I dont know how I missed them because I watch/listen every single video link here.
Could someone give me pointers on buying their albums? Are the live albums worthwhile? Are there dips in quality? Because I have my hands full with ultra prolific bands like Acid Mothers Temple and Robert Pollard/Guided by Voices,, a discography the size of Sun Ra and Tangerine Dream is extremely scary and a bit offputting.
Inner Sanctum
This is the radio show that I believe started the trend of horror hosts and the format of 50s horror comics and so on. Here are over 100 episodes, I only listened to the first one, but later episodes have movie stars doing voices.
Mike Ploog card art
This is for Sean,, there is lots of other good stuff he does on ComicArtFans.
And if you are still hungry for Graham Ingels, here is one of his best stories which is featured in that book I recommended...
Ingels loveliness
I just found out about The Goode Family today and I ended up watching all 13 episodes on Youtube and I really liked it,, but how well exposed did this get? Does the average cartoon watcher in America know about it? Everyone seems to think it is cancelled out of existence, but ABC let go of it and they are simply moving elsewhere. How is anyone offended by this show? It makes fun of these people, but is loving towards them too. It reminds me of recent discussions here.
I'm still working on art,, but I'm starting to think of motivational signs I can put up on my walls to work harder.


lord cornelius plum said...

Jacula, though admittedly great, most certainly werent the first horror themed band.Hard to pick who were first, but maybe Screaming Lord Sutch and the Savages? Certainly horror and rock n roll have been hand in hand since the beginning.
If you like Jacula and Egg, try finding albums by Amon Duul 2,Khan,Comus (especially comus),Black Widow,Van Der Graff Generator,Il Balletto Di Bronzo,Horrific Child,Necronomicon(the german 70s band),Silberbart,Modulo 1000 and the first four tangerine dream albums. But this is just the tip of a huge iceberg that ive been exploring for 20 years or more....
The Residents are all good, but the best ones are the first five or six. The funniest is "Third Reich and Roll", the strangest(and my favourite) is "Eskimo". a good live version of the Mole Show would be essential too.Thier movies can be found here:

And heres a motivational sign :
"artists are gnostics who practice that which the priests think is forgotten" (its a quote from Hugo Ball, i think)

lord cornelius plum said...

oh, and check out the art of HELMUT WENSKE too.psychedelic krautrock sci fi apocalypse supreme

Robert Adam Gilmour said...

Thanks for all the recommendations,, I'm already a fan of Van Der Graaf Generator, I've got Tangerine Dream's Phaedra and quite a few of those bands have been on my lists I've been mentioning in the past few weeks, but more wont hurt,, but my main thing in terms of prog is the symphonic stuff.

I like the Wenske art. Thanks.

Are you Dave Gregory?

lord cornelius plum said...

lol! Youre not the first to think im Dave Gregory!!And one guy in Brazil thought i was a real lord!
Sorry to dissapoint you,i just stole the Dukes name when i first got a computer. It suits me better than him anyway.
I imagine Lord Cornelius Plum to be a cross between Brian Jones and Jerry Cornelius, leering down Carnaby Street in a velvet suit tripping his head off.A foppish acid dandy.
Phaedra is a great album, but the early ones (Zeit, Atem, Electronic Meditations) are very strange and dark, almost proto dark ambient.Try Brainticket too, a great swiss band.And Aphrodites Childs'666 album , an amazing concept album about the end of the world and the biblical apocalypse.I think id better stop with the recommendations now before i get carried away.

Robert Adam Gilmour said...

Did you watch those 3 videos I posted last week? They had Egg, Khan, Comus and some of the others you mentioned.

lord cornelius plum said...

Yes, i watched the videos - quite a nice overview of prog (i forgot that comus was in there).It all gets a bit dodgy by the late seventies/eighties, when overproduction and formality begins to take over. The craziness and the links to the psychedelic underground seem to dissolve in a cloud of purple smoke.Punk rock was certainly welcome by then.(Not to say that there werent good bands and albums left, but still....)
the best thing about those vids is seeing the great artwork used on the covers, even some of the modern albums.theres nothing quite like a seven minute organ solo wrapped up in a trippy sci fi nightmare gatefold sleeve!

Anonymous said...

about the residents:
most definitely check out "eskimo"! while at it, try their "discomo" aswell.
then also "commercial album", "third reich´n´roll" & "gingerbread man".

Robert Adam Gilmour said...

While I dont think many people would argue that Prog generally went downhill at the start of the 80s,, I still love a lot of the new style stuff. IQ, Frost, Porcupine Tree and alot of the prog metal stuff is often marred by an overproduced and artificial sound,, but the songs underneath are still incredible to me.
Frost were a real tough one for me, because I loathed the production and the almost boyband-ish vocals scared me away,, but I persevered and I found an amazing band under all that. Milliontown is one of the best 20 minute prog epics I've ever heard.
I love Cairo too. Their music reminds me of mullets, but I think they are fucking awesome.