Wednesday, September 02, 2009

How many times I gotta tell you freaks? Aint nobody sleeps with uncle creepy peeps!

Something inspired by old fairy tales that will eventually find its way into my Land of the Moth story book. I wanna turn Easter into Halloween.


Human Mollusk said...

Wow Aeron, that first one is awesome. I really love it! I think you've already shown us the second, which is cool too but the upper one seems more refined and the composition work better IMO. I also like that it's more abstract and you can't discern the original foto so easily in it.
Is the second one a preliminary version of the bunnyhead one?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Fufu, they're both complete goof offs I made between real artworks. The first I made last night while taking a break from a Thomas Ligotti cover I'm working on. When I get consumed by one image that has a lot of detail it's nice to break out of that and do something quick and ugly. The second was done in probably ten minutes, where as the first I spent about an hour on. They're not related other than the concept. I do have a more serious artwork in mind that these have inspired me to create. Some sort of amusement park scene. I want to expand on the Uncle Creepy Peeps character into a sort of boogyman. Maybe it feeds the children to a giant pit of bloodthirsty monstrous rabbit things? Or perhaps he turns them into grotesque rabbit like creatures, setting them loose on the surrounding forests of the amusement park. Lots of ideas.

Can't wait to show off my Ligotti cover, it's the best things I've done this year.

- aeron

Anonymous said...

thing not things, haha.

Robert Adam Gilmour said...

There were 2 morgue/corpse pictures that are favorites of mine and I dont think I ever saved them,, some of your most powerful work I think, one had a pointy nose and scary eye,,, and the other had more realistic sunken pale corpse features.

This is great work too.

\m/etal\m/inx said...

reminds me of WITKIN.

Anonymous said...

I came here trying to find the source of the second picture. It's being posted all over as being an original creepy vintage ventriloquist photo. I had to find out more. *bookmarking this website*