Saturday, April 17, 2010

hope you come and see.

Here's the new blog and will have comics posted more soon.
51 pages story boarded now and 4 inked


Mostyn said...

hey what the heck. I post and I get bumped?

Aeron said...

The weeding out process on here is tricky business, there are the few who won't post again and the few who unfortunately get bumped who are MIA for various reasons that are interested in being part of the community. The place had a recent bleeding out and I assume you were part of that? Everyone is always welcome back though so I'll send you an invite.

Aeron said...

Also, great looking comic! It's good to see you're taking the initiative to make a full on graphic novel. Should have the box character make it through some city where bums try to steal it and sleep in it.

Human Mollusk said...

Looks cool, Chris!
No idea why or how you got bumped. Sure wasn't me.