Friday, April 23, 2010

Ray Murphy - Escape Through Time

These are two pages (numbers 1&5) from an older RM story which I retouched and "colored" in grayscales recently. It was reprinted in in the bi-monthly Dutch comix magazine PULPMAN to which I'm a steady contributor at the moment.


Gaiihin Gobulblœme said...

Good pages. I like the way the first page is a "very classical" way to introduce the comics.

Human Mollusk said...

Thanks, Gaspard. Yeah it's deliberatly retro, I confess.

Aeron said...

Really fun idea, the shop with the odd merchandise is giving me a Cronenberg (at his weirdest..and best, Naked Lunch, Existenze, Videodrome) vibe.

I'm picturing him going to the back of the shop where on a butcher table, someone is cutting open strange creatures or other organic objects and pulling these out to place on the shelves later. Better yet, he walks down the street and sees a factory that has a logo with these things on them. He sneaks into the back and sees a truck pull up to a rear entrance from which large hideous creatures in cages or crates are wheeled inside. he sneaks to an upper floor and sees a large factory setting with these large nightmarish creatures being taken on conveyor belts through various machinery, vats of liquid, etc, that shrinks them into these tiny organic objects to be shipped out.