Sunday, April 18, 2010

This is the first time I'm posting anything music-related on EBD - well actually it's the second time since I posted the video I made for the song "Martyr" before, but I had less reservations about that as the visuals kind of fit into the spirit of the blog.

"Jahiliyah is the sound of the breath of feral children and the ostentation parents strutting around brandishing their keris proudly shouting under their tempurung."

I still have some work to do on the album... The order of the songs are a bit scattershot as for now, and I still have a couple of songs to record include to unify the latter part. But for now it's a pretty good representation of a kind of sound I've spent the last two years trying to achieve. Another thing in the works for Anatomy is a short musical made out of animated and live-action clips based on evangelical public access shows. I've nearly always had some sort of visual in mind when recording... some of these songs even started off as musical accompaniment to animations I was working on, and they just grew organically from the process.

Finally, here are some other songs I've recorded in the same period. Enjoy:

Covers of Jandek songs:

Finally, Like Heat, a song I collaborated with Jujuice, and artist and musician from Brazil.


Gaiihin Gobulblœme said...

It's good to post some music.

Human Mollusk said...

Isn't the one with JUjuice missing?
I know her from Angouleme, 9 years ago, it's funny that you recorded with her. Tell her I said hello!