Friday, May 14, 2010

My first Exhibition

From May 15th to 23rd my work will be showing at the Baracca part of Art Pie Amsterdam in Cultuurpark Westergasfabriek Amsterdam. It is not my original art, but there is not a gallery in the world who could even temporarily take my artwork from me, as I would not be able to sleep. Thankyou very much to Ibrahim R. Ineke for being so kind and liking my work so much. I just wish I could have produced something new to knock them out.

Event Details

I edited my movie post, sorry it is so long and I'm sure a lot of you cant be bothered with it, but that really is the shortest I could make it. Atleast make sure you see Tokyo Fist, Love Exposure and Pinocchio 964 someday.


Human Mollusk said...

Congrats on the show, Robert!

Robert Adam Gilmour said...


So are you going to watch Tokyo Fist, Love Exposure or Pinocchio 964? I just feel I havent done my duty to spread the word properly.