Wednesday, May 12, 2010


For my soon to be officially released PIZZA PARTY character cards, here are some of the backgrounds i've done for the series. I lay the characters over the top of these animation style. I'm meeting with a local gallery owner today about partnering on some art arcade games, this is something i've wanted to do FOREVER & i'm very pleased to see the balls falling into place.
Pizza Party Background: Vend-O-Land
Pizza Party Background: MEGAMALL
Pizza Party Background: Street Scene
Pizza Party Background: Street Scene 2
Pizza Party Background: Silverball Arcade
Ordinary conversation in my house. Me. "Man, you know how some people have creative dry spells where they're all creatively infertile? I'm like that..." Katie interrupts, "Like that guy who can't stop raping old women in that japanese comic?" Me, "Yes, but no, i'm like that exploded oil derrick that keeps gushing stuff out & can't be contained, but yes, i suppose i'm also like that other guy too."


Mostyn said...

great stuff Sean. Always a pleasure

Human Mollusk said...

These are badass, Sean! It will be great to see them as backgrounds for a game. Please post some footage of the game when it's done!

I played a nice little indie-retro game from 2006 recently: "I'm OK" by Derek Yu
(scroll down a little to download it)
And then there's Paul RObertsons's Pirate Baby Cabana video:
If you don't know this stuff already you might want to check it out.

Gaiihim Gobulblœne said...

Yes! "Please post some footage of the game when it's done!"