Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Here's the Euro Tour 2010 Poster i did for the Rats NYC & Sweden's Trubbel. I am very stoked to have come up with using a half-track for their tour vehicle! Now if only in real life...
The Rats NYC & Trubbel Euro Tour 2010 Poster
Here's the label i did for LETHAL INJECTION HOT PEPPER SAUCE. A great sauce by the way. On your local store shelves in the future.
Lethal Injection Hot Pepper Sauce
Here's a picture of GG Allin i did for my Portland Zine Symposium flier. I decided it would be better if i used one of my drawings for the graphic instead of a graphicized photo. I've become fairly obsessed with GG lately, i didn't really get his whole shtick when i first discovered him, i think i was trying to be "more grown up" at the time, so a grown-ass man acting like a rampaging chimpanzee was not what i wanted, but times change, & here i am. There are some hilarious GG moments on my BRAIN STORM blog right now.
GG Allin
I've been doing a couple sheets of these FUNNEH FACES a week. It's absurdly satisfying. Alot of it involves digging through old Whitman & Key comics & trying to find off-model drawings of characters & then changing them a bit more.
More Funneh Faces

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Gaiihim Gobulblœne said...

Good to see you’re active. Cool drawings. I thought about the blindfold, it could also suggest closure.