Thursday, November 18, 2010


This is the first and the second illustrations for Diktatūra song "Meilė (Jūratė ir Kastytis)" ["Love (Jūratė and Kastytis)"].

["Ir buvo jis..." ("And there was he..."); 0,1 isograph]

[this is my hand-made book, where I draw these illustrations. pocket-size]

["Ir buvo ji..." ("And there was she..."); 0,1 isograph]


Mark Le Lievre said...

love it love it love it.
don't even remember how i just stumbled on your marvellous blog. iv just been through 12 embroidery blogs.
slightly painful.
anyhoo, this was well worth the haul!
please take a look at my new blog...
enjoy! (if you do then please spread the word!)

Aeron said...

Spectacular looking page for your book, Shaltmira! I love your cross hatching technique. What sort of pens do you use?

shaltmira said...

Thank you, Mark Le Lievre, I will have a look :]

Aeron, thanks, I keep on working on improving technique. I use only isograph for this kind of drawings, I have this one, just mine is more slender, 0,1.
I was not publishing my works on internet lately, because I decided so, but I'm working very hard with my ideas and my pen, and paints, and knives (muahaha) so you will see the result in near future :]

Kurt Komoda said...

I love it. Great work! I hope that some day we can all collaborate on a project.

shaltmira said...

Nice thought, Komoda, I really would like to :]