Saturday, November 20, 2010

Leviathan intermediate State

Screen grab of a leviathan image I am working on for a series of brackish water related screen prints. Not sure is the green is what I want or if the gray is too dark or too light.


Robert Adam Gilmour said...

I really like it. The scales colored grey make them look like bricks in a twisty castle.

Human Mollusk said...

Wow, a beautiful illustration, Chad!
Perhaps a different shade of grey for the monster and the ships?

Chad Verrill said...

Not a bad idea. I will try that.

Aeron said...

I love the design, a strange coiling nightmarish pattern. I agree with Fufu regarding the greys, perhaps even some spots of red on the scales across the lower half of the body? It would be interesting to see floating pieces of the ship and bodies scattered about in varying opposing shades/colors to emphasize the destruction brought on by the beast. Of course there is the aspect of finding a balance between pulling that off and not making it appear cluttered.

Great piece!