Saturday, November 20, 2010


Roadkill is a book that came out a little while ago, but only now I am starting to working on getting some attention for it abroad. While Zone 5300 is a magazine in Dutch that operates as its publisher, Roadkill is entirely written in English by yours truly and can be ordered here:

All copies are numbered and signed in a limited printrun of 950, with a nice silk-screened cover.

Like so many of you, I have been reading a lot of true crime stuff during the nineties. As a result, I did a mini compilation of charicatures of serial murderers. It was a first step into that field for me and it has been sold out since ages. Fifteen years later, I decided to take on a subject that I had been avoiding so far: cars. A self-respecting artist should push himself to do new things, and all that. But I was and still am struggling to appreciate any esthaetic about cars, so, to make the challenge more interesting, I decided to focus on the cars of famous killers. Below you can see, from top to bottom, my version of Ed Gein, Gary Ridgway and Angelo Buono & Kenneth Bianchi. The book's coverboy is Ted Bundy, of course, with his beloved Volkswagen beetle.

I had to be picky, though. They had to have a car that was special to them. So I had to regrettably leave out The Son of Sam, who was on foot, or Andrej Tchikatilo who travelled by train. I read until my eyes bled, but if no information about what type of car they had was available, they wouldn't be in the book. So, alas, no Harold Shipman. On the other hand, if I would find out that their car caused their downfall, like in the case of Bundy, Gein, or Leopold & Loeb, it provided a real bonus. Getting arrested for driving without a proper license plate became a standard joke after a while. Anyway, some lesser-known killers or single murder cases are included that proved to be irresistable enough, such as Leopold & Loeb or Katherine Knight. And hey, guess which brand of car came out as the most popular in this selection?


Human Mollusk said...

Is it in some Berlin comic shops?

So what brand... Ford maybe?

Marcel Ruijters said...

Not yet... I am working on it, stile (while doing too many other things). But you guessed correctedly, Fufu! Ford is the most popular car brand among serial killers, just as it proved to be among Latin-American juntas.

Aeron said...

Great idea for a series of works, I read a lot of books on serial killers in the nineties, what was it about that decade that brought about such an interest in the subject? It's kind of bizarre looking back on it. Maybe it was the popularity of Silence of the Lambs that provoked all the various serial killer media to pop up everywhere. I have a small box of serial killer trading cards in a box somewhere.

Marcel Ruijters said...

Aeron: yes, is is weird how this sort of defined a decade and I was thinking the same while doing this book. It seems serial killers were regarded somehow as a species more sophisticated than terrorists and therefore more meaningful as a phenomenon, but that has changed a bit.