Thursday, December 09, 2010

Corpse Explorers

I was thinking of a strange idea involving man exploring space and discovering a solar system of planet sized decaying animals.  The landscapes would be made of giant oceans where rotting eyes have dissolved into putrid liquid bodies, cavernous mouthes hundreds of miles wide filled with nasty creatures feasting on the festering gums and towering teeth with cavity holes that reveal labyrinthine passageways into the bones. Yellowing clouds of gas would billow out of volcano like breaks in the skin. Twisted limbs would stretch into outerspace like surreal mountains breaching the crumbling continents of putrified flesh slowly softening and liquifying. Humans would find a way to live and populate these horrible worlds. Resources would be dug out of the meat below, creating cities built on god like bones protruding above the wet decay. In the end the giant planet corpses would be crafted into vast crystalized skeletons, the bones covered in ornate architecture from the ever growing human populations scattered across them.

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