Friday, December 17, 2010


Scanning in all of these old pieces, i took a moment to paint some copies of them so i can have prints for sale at my show. As i thought, going over all this old work has brought about another artistic shift in me, which is a return to "drawerly" drawing and using watercolors for color and putting the markers away for a bit. Not too long though, cos i've got this videogame which is entirely in marker style that needs finishing and promotional art. This series of pieces is essentially articulating the world i wanted to live in at the time. At this point, it would look a little different, maybe be more chaotic, but essentially the same. I would love to have coffee every day in a place like the Hungaria.
The Hungaria
The Radiant City

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Gaiihin said...

The Hungaria : we should build jails inside churches. It would be all right to drink coffee in them.