Friday, October 28, 2011


 I went to my first gig since Goblin in febuary, I rarely go to gigs anymore. HTRK have a new record out which I dont have, but I have the first two and they are great; one of the members died about a year ago and they are down to just two members now.
 A support band called Standish/Carlyon were really nice and atmospheric but when it got to HTRK, the sound levels were not right and some of the instruments just werent picking up, I felt sorry for the singer because it was her instruments and voice that was not picking up and she looked really uncomfortable not knowing whether her drum was going to work when she struck it and trying to sing loud enough. It looks like they gave up after 6 or 7 songs, which were able to create a pleasing enough swamp of sound but didnt have the impact they would have if everything was working. I really hope this didnt take the wind out their sails, it might have been the first date in the tour.

 I selected the song that got me hooked and I hope it will hook you too. It was produced by Rowland S Howard. 

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Perfect for this sunny autumn morning, already searching for more!