Saturday, October 15, 2011

hyel introducing post

i'm a little bit nervous to introduce myself.. because i'm not good and english..

anyway! i'm hyeyeol just call me hyel! and lived in seoul korea, good to see you!
um extually i've never thought about that my works are comprised in art
because i studyed comics and still studying comics..
beginning of my works are just junk for my desire

but now i'm so pleasure to join this interesting group.

i'm inspired by Ukiyo-e japanease style tattoo(Yirejeumi) that gives me strong impression only use line and face.
and i usually draw about Thanatos and eros especially the eros of narcissism and often contain mythicalness.
so my works are almost having symmetry structure like mirror.

the reason of the main characters of my works are having abnormal bodys
means perversive share or spurt of desire.


alkbazz said...

Hi Hyel! Nice work here! Do you use computer for coloring & mirror ?

HYEL said...

yes! i usually use PS4

Gaspard Pitiot said...

Welcome ! Very good drawings !

Marcel Ruijters said...

Welcome, Hyel!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Hyel, excellent pictures. What you specialize in is probably my favorite 'subgenre' of visual art, for lack of a better word. I especially like the ribcage womb in the above picture. Looking forward to more.

Kurt Komoda said...

Welcome to the blog! Looking forward to seeing more of your work!

crippaXXXalmqvist said...

hell-o hyel!
yeah, please do feel welcome onboard the ducks!
'n yup!, i like y'r symmetry alright!

Aeron said...

Welcome to the place where ducks eat.

Unknown said...

Welcome! Really interesting things you do, I love that your drawings are circle/heart shaped, not just usual square. I appreciate thoroughness also!