Saturday, October 15, 2011


To answer your question, PORK is not a webzine, but has always been intended to be print only. I use the web to promote the magazine to people & so they can read it if it is not available in their city, which is mostly the case for anyone outside of the USA (shipping fees are very expensive!). PORK #4 had an a print run of 8000 copies & we only have a couple hundred left!


alkbazz said...

8000! wow! Shipping fee's sad for us, who we like publication made everywhere in the world... Even at Fantagraphics, shipping is most expensive than the books :/ Here we try to have deposit from small publishers & I think its a pity we couldn't get books from USA or England, that's the most costly shipping in the world - In the same move, there's a lot of very good stuff other there (USA). Same thing in the other way, sending books to US shop is very difficult for us...
How is it about making books in USA, do you sale well, do you have help for this or?

Kapreles said...

i would like to purchase a copy. how much $$$ is it? btw: i don't "do" paypal, only ca$h, trades, ... lemmeknow: