Thursday, April 05, 2012


I've been doing so much character based work that I became concerned that they didn't have a world that they lived in. So for this next Hellshire Beer release, I'm detailing some of the world that my monsters, weirdos & creeps live in. This particular area is a swampy, wooded land. The swamp is littered with all manners of trash & waste, tires, refrigerators, dead animals, oil drums bones & crashed cars are all submerged in the polluted muck. This misty murk is of course a great place for all manner of distorted freaks to hide away & practice their secret stupidities.


alkbazz said...

i feel the same way actually... this picture tell a lot on your technic, that's great!

Aeron said...

Very bad ass Sean. You've been murdering it for every year I've known of your art! Can't wait to see the piece, keep sharing in progress pics! You should do some landscape pieces then sell them as prints alongside stickers of a bunch of your characters that people can put on the way they want.