Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Rightwing bullshit

Adventurous politicians dabbling with fascist sentiments are all the rage in Europe since 9-11. Normally, I wouldn't even touch a pen to give my time to these creeps, but a good opportunity came along as a free comics newspaper is planning to have populism as a central theme and now it has come to this. Charicatures of politicians on EBD. My apologies.

OK, if you are not Dutch, you probably haven't heard of this guy. Nevermind. He was the first to play the islamophobic card after 9-11 and would have been elected as PM if he hadn't been assasinated days before the elections. Of course, that was when the shit really hit the fan and it has only gotten worse after.

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Gaspard Pitiot said...

Do you still have right wing skinheads ? Here, We don't see as many as we used to back in the nineties... They are less visible but they're still quite active. I heard that their new little chief in Grenoble had, as a present for his 18th birthday, a ride at night with many of his pals and some guys from other cities and they stopped at all the bus stops to break the Arabs' bones.