Monday, April 09, 2012


So each Hellshire Beer label explores a different part of this house. Hellshire I was the cellar. Hellshire II was the library. Hellshire III is the out-house. I'll be painting this one tonight. I'm thinking of a grass-green & orange or pink.
This is also getting me way more stoked on doing some children's monster picture books. If you go to even a GOOD bookstore these days, the selections for kids are all really twee, artsy fartsy but not in a good way, irrelevant, stupid or an overt product tie-in. I was crazy into Mercer Mayer's monster books & those seem to be out of print. Anyhow, pretty much everything that I look for in products isn't being made these days, which on one-hand is lame as a general citizen, however, as a business-man, it's great & ideal & say hello to my niche! Gritty, grimy, funky, weird & crazy!


Marcel Ruijters said...

Hmmm... Beer eyedrops....

alkbazz said...

it's wonderful, love your kind of US underground style

I won't go in the WC

Zeke said...

I went into 2 comic shops today and couldn't find a damn thing to read.