Sunday, May 27, 2012

I worship Venus of Willendorf (if it means what I think it means) and I hate people who drop litter

 I wouldnt be surprised if I got complaints on Deviantart that this is "ugly". It's been too long since I done sexual/porn stuff. There are a lot of very skilled artists who do porn/pinup stuff but it is nearly always boring and bad in so many ways. Still those same old jokes you got in 50s mens magazines that werent funny then and still arent funny. Sometimes I think a lot of that art reinforces anti sex attitudes when a pornographer should presumably be pro sex. Why be so coy when you want to draw a naked woman? I understand there is an excitement in embarrassment/social awkwardness about sex and I'm not immune to it, but for a couple of years I've been thinking it might be a negative thing to embrace, so I try my best to avoid it in my own art. I feel similar about presenting art as dirty/naughty, which a lot of porn people cherish but I think must have negative influence.

 I've thought of criticizing some artists because I think they can do better, but I've always hesitated because I assume they'd take it badly. Some of them have modest aspirations and only want to put out sexy pictures and I cant relate to anyone who doesnt want to make their life as enriched as possible through their art. I think its a real waste of talent to keep doing the same thing for decades like Gil Elvgren or Bill Ward. Pick out 10 or 20 of their best pictures and you dont need to see the hundreds of others they did.

 I finsihed looking at my Gustave Dore books recently and as astonishing as the pictures often are, I feel a large amount of the pieces are redundant after you've seen the better ones. I know he was doing these for story books, but taken out of context, things get very samey (he is one of my heroes all the same). I've become very conscious of repeating myself, because I plan to do a lot of large epic scenes and I dont want all that effort to go into what will eventually seem as too familiar.

 The picture above: I think some of the paint strokes are sloppy and the background is shitty in places but I think I got what I was after. This came out of a piece that wasnt working which changed into another idea I wanted to do instead. I thought of scrapping this one because I was going to use her pose again in the changed idea, but I liked it too much and I thought it had something that the similar new pose in the new changed idea would never have. I hope the woman in upcoming piece wont seem too similar.

 On a different note, a lot of youngsters are using my dads fields because of the unusually good weather and some of them are having parties because they are leaving school. These fields are our home/property and part of the business and home to the cows. People are allowed to come up and enjoy the hills, part of the attraction of the countryside is the lack of litter. But these kids have parties, drop hundreds of litter and burn tents and sometimes throw stones at the cows. They are ruining the place they come to have a good time at. Cows choke on litter and can have a long and unpleasant death.
 If you know anyone who litters on farms as if it were their own property, dont hesitate to use their property as a dumping ground and if they complain, bite their fucking lips, eyelids, ears and teeth right off.
 Seeing these bastards drop litter even if the streets makes me want to pick up, find their house and put it in their letter box.

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Marcel Ruijters said...

I like what I see here and agree with you 100% about boring old pin up art.