Monday, May 14, 2012

KŪTVĖLA #5 zine cover

KŪTVĖLA #5 zine cover [rapidograph on paper, A4]

(annual metal-heads alco-football festival zine)


alkbazz said...

good job! i don't know what alco-football could be but this make me think about a 24pages comics made this way

Eglė Shaltmira said...

Alco-football is when you drink heavily and/while/then play football :D
Yeah, I thought about this kind of comics zine as well. I put it in to do as-soon-as-finish-all-deadlines-can't-escape-now list though.:>

alkbazz said...

ohoh ok so i know at least one half of it ,p and yeah i know what you mean about deadlines!