Monday, May 14, 2012


When I was kid people says "you have to find your own style", I never found what this really means for me, I'm still wondering... I can't decide to just use one sort of drawing or line, even if I think I have one on scraperboard, I'm really amazed by you peoples who catch a specific style that I can recognize immediatly... So I'm still lookintg for it!

progress ;


Marcel Ruijters said...

Style is like a nice warm coat. It feels good to put it on, it is practical, it fits just right, but you are always slightly worried that it might look old-fashoined one day.

alkbazz said...

ok, but that's a coat you've done yourself and that you could still adjust to fashion. I think a good style don't have to follow fashion, it makes it, good artists are those who find a remarquable style which influence others. You and most of you on EBD are artists we recognise immediately, you're progressing with fashion by the same way you progress within your style. Charles Burns could do a more comlplexe/accurate drawing now, it will be a nowadays art, like his first drawing was at its time. And with time you could recognise old Burn's drawing.

I can't decide what is it for me, is it by using same tools & materials, is it by the way of doing lines or doing lights, or by the content, characters... i don't know. I'm still thinking "what kind of drawing will I use for this specific work?" or "what can I do with this specific tool?"

crippaXXXalmqvist said...

well actually romu, i do think you also have a certain style of y'r art, even if it ain't maybe that markant as marcels.
but i think it's quite easy to see whom has posted drawings/paintings/whatever art up here on the blog, BEFORE seeing the name of who did it..

Zeke said...

LOve those wormy people in the right-hand foreground, real good depth in this picture too, good stuff!