Saturday, June 30, 2012

Feeding me

another penwork on 24x32cm
i did this one for a silkscreen project dealed by Albert Foolmoon
question is who feed who, i suspect the worm spreading digestiv stuff onto his victims
also, normally light comes from a phosphorescent stick on his head, but actually it look like a background moon


Human Mollusk said...

Cool drawing - really like the imagery and the intricate lines. I have to say though that I think the white outline around the characters and the lack of contrast within their shapes makes them look a bit flat, kind of like paper cut-outs.

alkbazz said...

yes Fufu I know what you mean, actually I drew this thinking of silkscreening, I plan 3 colors (with red for dark background). I thought it works better with colors. But I wasn't sure so I didn't want to make it definitive, that's why I let the shape around figures. Maybe I could have make it more close to the tower on right hand...
here's the color :