Thursday, June 21, 2012

Total Luxuria - Party in my Mouth III

More mouth-partying from me. This one looks a bit more Romanesque than the usual. In fact I owe the inspiration to Alkbazz, who had told me about finding information somewhere about a Romanesque timpane that was deemed so pornographic*) by a later generation, that it was removed and buried, like it were the work of the Devil himself. Unfortunately, he did not have a photo of the thing for me. So that is where you have to imagine it yourself. Which is actually great.

In the early Middle Ages, most people were illiterate, so the church had to picture the sins it was warning against. Prudery happened much, much later.

*) Alkbazz: I've got bestiality, necrophila, buggery, cannibalism and coprophilia. Did I leave anything out?


alkbazz said...

i can't find more info, except a pdf about restoration but without clear pictures

the church is this one

i clearly remind zoophily & objects intruding with donkeys

and also apocalypse paintings with zombis

while i was searching for this i found that, check last picture (in the trees) :

Marcel Ruijters said...

I have seen those charming illuminations somewhere... The apocalyptic zombies will be my next quest.

Kurt Komoda said...

Another brilliant piece! I love the praying maggot monk.

Aeron said...

Love the hell mouth motif.

Marcel Ruijters said...

Thx guys! Kurt: that is not intended as a maggot, as this monk has passed through the hell hound's digestive tract.

marcel said...

Very nice!!