Friday, December 21, 2012

Angel Cassoulet

Hey kids!

Graphic designer Timothy Georgarakis (from USA, living here south France) started this project long time ago, and it finally get out : it's a book about angels, a flap-book (the idea is to melt faces, legs and body, as you must know), published by Le dernier cri & cut&bound at Le Garage L.

 (please note that this 2 pictures below have been done by Marta Ka,, you can see Les frêres Guedin/Craoman show at DC studio, and also a full-lino-printed book by Marie-Pierre Brunel)

This one, also by Marta Ka, show us doing a collective poster, initiated by Charlatan's crew from Genève (Willy Ténia, Lilas Malas, Antonio; plus Julien Gardon, Rémi, and us)

First idea was to do a co-edition but from black/white book it became full-color, so we weren't able to do that way. So it's a DC book bound by us

There's works from our neighbours Timothy (mostly), Quentin Mabuse & his brother Constant, also Rebecca Rosen who's canadian girlfriend of Quentin (she was living here one year), and cartoonist Eric Ferrier. Plus some guests, friends as Benjamin Monti, Marcel Ruijters, Marc Brunier-Mestas, Franck Omer.... and of course DC's staff Pakito Bolino & Yokogaga

The book is full silkscreened, cut & bound by hand, limited to 200 copies, and for sale... uh I'm not sure, 30euro I guess (check

Here's my contributions, you can see text on first one, this was the first idea but finally Tim let it out :


Marcel Ruijters said...

Good news!

Gaspard said...

That last drawing's great!

donaldh said...
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Anef Berlin said...

a merde, il m avait demandé de lui faire un dessin pour le livre a rome cet été. puis j ai perdu son contact. maintenant que c trop tard je m en rappelle... shit
en tout cas il a l air magnifique ce livre !!