Sunday, December 23, 2012

More horror book covers

 Just a few this time. I find it interesting how 60s-70s horror paperbacks and magazine sized black and white comics had virtually the same type of art, using a lot of the same artists, many of them selling their art to all sorts of books and magazines all over the world. The amount of swiping in this era is strange, because a lot of these artists were good enough that it makes you wonder why they bothered swiping. There is a vampire face I've seen used on books, comics and maybe even film posters at least in 10 different examples, I wonder what the original was.
 Even though it can get samey I've always loved this classic horror style, but what is annoying is that I've never seen many films and ecountered many books that gave you a satisfying dose of this kind of thing. I used to assume these sorts of stories would be in abundance, but there are very few that really give you what you want.

 cover by Alan M Clark
 Another by Alan M Clark

 Newish Bernie Wrightson cover to an old book
 This one just for oddness.

 Australian comics used to reprint a lot of stuff from all over the world, a lot of it american and south american, I dont know if these had any original australian artists, but many of the covers were original. HERE is an index of Gredown comics, it takes a bit of a while seeing all the covers, but if you like this sort of thing, there are a lot of good ones.

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