Sunday, December 02, 2012

Another annoying defeat

  I was really excited about this one for quite a while, I was sure it would be the best thing I've ever done, but it was just getting worse and worse and I knew I couldnt make it better again because it was fundamentally flawed in some ways I dont fully understand. I was going to call this post something like "another bitterly painful defeat" but somehow it just didnt feel that painful when I gave up and maybe that is a good thing. Perhaps it shows that I really didnt love it that much, even though I was sure this was my best composition idea ever. I've already got loads of ideas about how to rework a lot of this, since even this is a reworking of failed drawings from two or three years ago.
 After I gave up, I quickly scribbled in details to suggest how it might have looked but it cant really show the real dynamics, emphasis and effects the thing was supposed to have.

 I really love doing these large scenes and I have so many ideas for them, in my notebooks I call them "epicscapes" as a shorthand. But they are tricky because I still cant always tell the difference between an impressive visual idea and an impressive visual idea I truly love and want to commit to; because there are lots of cliches in this type of imagery that are too easily leaned on. Although I feel I've delved deep into myself, it becomes apparent how there are still a lot of things I dont know about my cravings, how much I really like things, realizing I dont actually like some things that much etc...
 Perhaps the horses were something I really wasnt that into. Some of you must be familiar with images of giant horses on waves. And it is very easy to get attached to an image you want to do and not be sure of its real merits anymore. I want to talk about this stuff more later in further posts.

 Part of my inspiration for these "epicscapes" aside from obvious influences like Bosch, John Martin, Jack Kirby, Drulliet, Andrzej Masianis and many more, is symphonic music, especially those tracks that take up one side of a vinyl that prog bands do a lot and usually stand as their best achievements; like "Gates Of Delirium" by Yes, "Scheherazade" by Renaissance, "Heaven And Hell part one" by Vangelis and many more. I dont want them to become too predictable in shape/structure, because they should obviously never be boring.
 I thought with the failed drawing I had nearly really captured some of the qualities of those songs and I hope I can still keep those qualities in further attempts.

 My computer is a bit shitty and it has been having trouble with google and blogger and telling me that the security isnt right, suggesting that this is a false version of the site, or that their security certificate has run out, sometimes not loading pages. I hope everything is fine if I ignore these warnings as errors because my computer has been screwing up in other ways.
 Has anyone else encountered these problems? I really need to use blogger and I still prefer it to other alternatives.


Marcel Ruijters said...

I get kicked off from blogger all the time, but logging in again is never a real problem.
It's that you mention having a shitty computer... I'd suggest doing a digital collage of the pieces you are happy with and replacing the bad ones to build up a larger work. But then you may feel such a patchwork is cheating and that it all should be on a single piece of bristol. Lots of people do it, though.

Stephan Poag said...

I'm looking at this on my tiny laptop screen and I love it --- I wish I had the patience and level of devotion to just draw draw draw like that.
Maybe you have just spent too much time with it and are bored --- maybe put it away and look it again in a few days?

Gaspard said...

I seems to me that it would have been a good artwork if you had acheived it. I see many very good details.

alkbazz said...

as fellowship I'm amazed by your work, but i can understand how you could be unsatisfied
We can't say why, that's in your head... If it was mine I know something maybe it's true here, maybe not, but i always felt when i start a drawing by detailing small area while i should work first on larger scale, mean the composition itself and elements which gives dynamics
I must start with these elements (tentacles?) while defining different parts which cover them, but not going to details. Details are stuff which stop the eyes, everything get frozen by that

i'm often questioning about my own work, it seems difficult sometimes to know what is good or not. Looking for something different... i think it's not easy because everything have been done already... So, just do it, with your own style & this attachment to high detail is simply crazy!

Anonymous said...

Those security certificate expired errors are usually the result of your computer's clock not being set to the right time. Check that your computer's clock is on the current date.

Robert Adam Gilmour said...

Thanks guys.

Marcel- I'd feel like I was cheating if I done a photoshop collage and I just like doing as many things as possible without a screen in front of me.

Anonymous- Thanks, that was a big help.