Friday, January 24, 2014

ALkom'X HAight

Here we did our 8th alkom'x zine! Really happy with it, feukine great artists & friends AND so much easy to do than n°7 !!! Thema was Hate... it's not really that i wanna talk about it, but i thought it was good enough after voynich's concept which was more difficult for some... "weua intellectual!" so here it's surely not so philosophical! For n°9 suggestions goes for "nein" but it's not fixed, maybe something intellectual

Technicaly I missed something with pdf edit (i used scribus for first time) so the book is 10% less bigger than expected, you don't matter but that's why cover is not nicely framed

If you want to see the inside go on to there

here's original scraping


Eldrad Wolfsbane said...

I do some strange art as such. How do I get into the strange pop art scene?

Much of my work was in storage and eaten by rats through the years but I might start creating again.

alkbazz said...

check call for submissions, deadlines for open zines & technical specy. next one probably this year but don't know yet, i'll tell here & there

Gaspard Pitiot said...

Cool. Eric m'a filé une copie. Merci.

Paleo said...

I have a comic in there, but believe me that i talk without prejudice when i say this is a must have collection of fringe comic art, Super Sickk!!