Tuesday, January 21, 2014

 Hi, everyone! Happy new year and all that. I had a gallery show in NYC back in October- my first as a headliner. It went really well and I sold a lot of pieces. I also learned how to mount and frame work- never had to do that before. Anyway, this drawing is a new piece. It didn't come out at all like I first envisioned. I think the colors are too bland and it's all generally faded looking- and a background might have been nice. I had originally thought of this creature that looked as if it were covered with black mud, with vines and wild flowers growing all over it. It only ended up being some sort of tree monster with root legs because I doodled out the pencil line and then realized, as I got to the bottom, that I was running out of room and hadn't even thought of the legs. Yeah, I could have started over, but I thought I'd do "this version" and then go and do another. Someday.

 This was a sketch for another drawing that I still haven't worked out. Again, there are so many things about this drawing that miss the mark I was going for by a mile. I tend to see that a sketch is deviating, but then I continue it, just in case it goes somewhere good- even though I know it won't end up being used for the original concept. 

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Gaspard Pitiot said...

The flowers's colours are all right.