Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Bichromatic contd.

Three more pages of the revised Molluskhead story. As you can see I changed the layout for my latest page and split it up to fit the square-ish format of the book.

And a Kirby panel inked by yours truly, inspired by a TCJ thread about a Flickr challenge.


Aeron said...

I love the expression on the zombiemonster thing getting head slashed. And its interesting to see two stories played out across the same pages.

Luke P. said...

YEah. It seems you're getting better and bettr Fufu.You could always draw really well, since I first saw your stuff a couple years back, but the cartooning itself is getting much more fluid and expressive. The drawing is even better too.
Let us know how we can get a copy of the anthology when it comes out.
BTW, did anybody submit anything to Danny HEllmans' TYPHON book?

Human Mollusk said...

Thanks Aeron, thanks Luke.
Re:TYPHON Danny asked me to submit something back when it was still Legal Action Comics, and I was going to, but in the mean time I moved a lot and had so much other stuff on my mind that I forgot about it. I'd like to do something for #2 though.

Robert Adam Gilmour said...

I think the colors really tell this well, they become an important part of the way everything comes across.

Ray Frenden said...

I'm a big fan of saturated, unorthodox spots. Most of my color work is very similar. My colored pieces tend to be designed for limited color printing, so I have to make a lot of the same considerations.

I dig it!