Saturday, June 30, 2007

Here are some new Trolls... i'm slowly working on a Troll book that i gain & lose interest in as the cosmos ebbs & flows. I've been painting the Library at our new house, dark red with white trim. The shelves will be white as well. With a big green chair in there. Or maybe a couple of smaller orange ones. Not sure yet. This is the first house i'm going to be living in where i've had any degree of ownership. I've lived in rentals all my life.



Here's a fun link to my Punk zine credentials.


Aeron said...

The troll book is a great idea, keep up with it! If there's anything Brian Froud taught us it's that there's a huge market for goblins, fairies, that type of stuff. So a troll book would certainly be popular as a mo fo. I really like the unique approach you take at each of these, the tree stump growing out of the one's back, incredible. Something else that woule be great to see is a HUUUGGE troll that has a small log cabin on its back and a few trees or whatever. One giant troll and a bunch of smaller ones living like parasites on the wooded growth across its dank backside.

Anonymous said...

It'd be cool if you freaked the trolls out further and further to see how distorted you could get 'em and still have them recognisable as trolls.
Congratulations on your new home!

Human Mollusk said...

Details like the tree stump and the bird's nest really make these come alive.

SEAN said...

Aeron, i like the idea of the ancient Troll that's as big as a mountain or hill or whatever... that'd be pretty sweet. There are some fantastic older Scandinavian Troll artists who do some stuff that is really fantastic... very atmospheric & dark. Zeke, also, great idea, exaggerating the Troll forms & wasting away into distortion... i'll definitely do that. Fu Fu, yes, it is all about stumps & birds nests.