Tuesday, June 26, 2007

colouring book

Dave Birchall brought a colouring book back from greece and very kindly let me borrow it.

The bottom image is unaltered, straight from the book and the top one is my

version of it done for a friends wedding card.


Luke Pski said...

that's really cool Zeke. It looks a little more tightly illustrated than the more splattery stuff you do ( which I like too, don't get me wrong)- it looks like it could be in a Rat Fink comic or something.

Aeron said...

This is really good. You should do a full coloring book adaptation like this! And did you white out areas from the original with paint or what?

Human Mollusk said...

The comment I was going to write is identical with Aeron's.

zeke said...

Thanks! yes I've got a bit of an identity crisis between doing crude scrawl and more polished stuff it's a bit confusing at times.
I printed the drawing out A4 size and used tipp-ex to white out bits of it.marc van helburg, crippa almquist and I've been doing some similar but wilder stuff so guess I was inspired by that!