Monday, June 04, 2007

Block Block CIty

Sketch for a painting I've been working on. I'm going for some kind of weird Gumby/Escher/videogame platformer vibe.

And here's the paint sketch on the canvas. I printed out the pencil sketch to the 12 x 12 inch canvas size and realized my carbon paper was missing. So I got out some charcoal and covered the backside of the print out in the black charcoal. I taped the printed sketch onto the canvas and used a pencil to draw over all the lines of the image. The charcoal on the back of the print pressed onto the canvas and worked about the same as the carbon paper would have, leaving a tracing of the sketch on the canvas surface. Next I grabbed a brush and blocked in some areas with black acrylic paint. The goal for the colors is to make the block totem snake thing in the front a hot red and the background a cool color, probably some dark blues, greens, purples.


SEAN said...

Rules! Can't wait to see the final! The Sean & Aeron show continues!

Human Mollusk said...

Cool stuff Aeron, I'm really curious to see the further progress.