Friday, October 26, 2007

Frenden Halloween

A Better Tomorrow is now selling the tee whose sketch I posted previously. In its finished form, it's a good mix of cartoon and gore. A little more lighthearted than my Medusa design, but more appropriate given that it's a riff on A Better Tomorrow's logo. I wanted to create a relationship between the bird and ape that made sense in the context of halloween. I think I succeeded in that. Below is the image ABT created to promote the shirt on their blog.


The title for this post may sound a bit cryptic or, worse yet, pompous. In reality, that's the title the design was given over at ABT. Holy hell, I can't help but relay how awesome it was to see FRENDEN HALLOWEEN on their site. I mean, who doesn't want their name directly associated with the only holiday worth its weight in amassed candy goodness? Rad-fucking-tacular. Ray Frenden: doing his part to spread childhood obesity and diabetes. I'm such a humanitarian!

For posterity (aka my own unrestrained ego stroking), this is how it showed on their site, heh:


In addition to the shirts, their blog has the design available as wallpaper. The wallpaper is the desktop kind, not the drywall adherent kind. I will not be held responsible for people pasting their monitors to their bedroom walls only to see them plummet to the ground and shatter.


Aeron said...

Looks great Ray. I could see this as some sorta demented breakfast cereal box design.

Aeron said...

A bunch of sugar oats with purple marshmellow gorillas and pink marshmellow birds. And the sell line... " A BETTER TOMORROW'S BREAKFAST....TODAY!"

FUck I'm tired.

Ray Frenden said...

I kinda went at it with that feel in mind. For a fun piece, I didn't want to bog it down in extraneous detail and shit. Just something darkly humorous. The bird poop was a big hit actually, heh!