Thursday, October 18, 2007

Halloween Tee Design Pt. 1

Halloween Tee Design (Rough Stages)

Well, I just sent off this sketch of a tee design for A Better Tomorrow. I was asked after I assume they saw Medusa Tless Select. So far, so good. I'm really liking the rough sans a few wonky chest-meet-arm issues.

I like to drop in approximations of color schemes pretty early when working with limited color and spots. These colors tend to change by the end of a project, but it really helps when vetting a possible design against a client. I may have a clear idea of where the piece can go, but you really can't ask an art director to make that leap of faith.

Even the best art directors aren't mind readers, heh! Alex Wald, a recent acquaintance and all around nice chap (in addition to a swell artist, art director, colorist, etc) left me a bit of advice in regards to keeping a well rounded portfolio.

Expecting a potential client to extrapolate that, due to the level of skill of the pieces shown in your portfolio, you can do things that aren't explicitly spelled out isn't a good idea.

IE, you probably can do great retro-style cartoons, but that life drawing isn't going to help you convince anyone.


Aeron said...

Interesting design, Ray. I think your slick illustration style pretty much renders all of your art as ideal tshirt designs. I could see you having your own line of them actually.

Human Mollusk said...

Ray, I know what you mean with the well rounded portfolio bit. Just went around on the Frankfurt book fair pimping my illo work to publishers, and almost every single time the reaction was: "Oh these drawings are really great, but your work is just too dark for us." Next time I probably should make sure to have some less gloomy images in there... but on the other hand I don't want to get opportunistic about it. Aw, it's a cruel world.
Anyway, cool design!

Ray Frenden said...

I know, Fufu. I'm trying to branch out without selling out.

Aeron, I'm going to be giving my art away for free. I think everyone, regardless of income level, should be able to print it out or do whatever they want with it (aside from profit from it, or alter it, and with due credit given).

I'm looking into the proper method of distribution/correct creative commons licensing now.