Sunday, October 28, 2007

Uncle Cheezy

uncle cheezy
I knocked this out for Zeke Clough's Voida zine, the whole thing is gonna be shaped like a coffin. Dude.
Also, our grocery store has these candies which are the coolest for Halloween. Also, i ran my special Halloween Mr. Sean's Cartoon Club yesterday, to record low attendance, but that meant that i was able to give everyone the exclusive Mr. Sean's Halloween Showbag. There is something wrong with this town.
10.27.07 - cinnamon devil heads


zeke said...

Hey Sean, I got a great big cheese scoffin' grin myself right now!!!!
I check out EBD and see this, heh!
really made my day! thanks!

Aeron said...

Great illustration, I'm looking forward to using the coffin shape to play off of. I remember that devil candy from childhood. I always want to go to Mexico or festivals in the bigger towns to get skeleton candy that they make for the Day of the Dead holiday, which is during the first two days of November for those not familiar.