Sunday, October 28, 2007

Some Kinda Devil

Here's one of 16 small acrylic paintings I worked on over the last few weeks, probably going to tweak a few spots after staring at the giant scanned version. The original measures at 5 and a half by 4 and a quarter inches. I'm working on dozens more and will be selling all of em on my art blog that will be coming back to life very soon. I'm also in the planning stages for a series of decorative devil/voodoo heads that will also function as masks. Yeah yeah, I should have done those BEFORE Halloween.


zeke said...

great stuff Aaron! can't wait to see the masks, also very excited that you're up for the voida voida project!

SEAN said...

Awesome dude. I love yellow, black & red & your demons so... it's all working out right now.

Aeron said...

Thanks, yeah the masks are going to be amazing. I'm still sketching ideas out but one I know for sure is getting made is a giant devil bat that will form into a face with the wings like horns.

Something I've always wanted to do is make giant monster sculptures, I just don't have the room. But I've developed a sculpting technique in the past with wire, paper and other materials that allows for a medium weight structure that is fairly durable. Ideally, in the future I'd love to have a solo show that resembles a haunted house with weird monster props, paintings, drawings, digital abominations, black lighting to allow for glow in the dark paint on the sculptures etc. ...someday.

Swellzombie said...

Yeah man!! I like the paintings. It would be awesome to do a show with you.
If anyone out there is listening!! Monsters are the Future!!