Friday, November 09, 2007

Halloween Treats

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So, I'm obsessed with making these things called Showbags. Which are, according to the generally reliable, yet obviously corrupted Wikipedia: "A distinctive feature of Australian fairs and carnivals (known locally as shows) is the showbag, a themed carry bag of commercial merchandise. The bag is usually made of plastic or heavy paper, and is printed with graphics promoting the theme or manufacturer. Showbags were orginated unoffically from New Zealand. They were used as a form of insteading of giving one big gift they were used to give a lot smaller gifts in one bag."

Anyhow, i started making them for my Mr. Sean's Cartoon Club! & i just made one for all of the trick or treaters who came by for Halloween. I made a comic specifically for the showbag, promoting the proper celebration of Halloween. Check it out.
halloweenie 1
halloweenie 2
halloweenie 3
halloweenie 4
I'm now pressuring for a New Year Showbag to give as gifts.


Human Mollusk said...

Wicked strip!
For the individual bags, did you give out handcolored pages, or did you color copy them or what? Anyway, best treat ever!-- at least for the REAL Halloweeners, who aren't just in it for the candy...

zeke said...

awesome! I'm gonna come knocking on your door next halloween!

Robert Adam Gilmour said...

Really nice, I actually wanted to do a comic about cartoony monsters giving those sweety bags I used to get that are a bit like showbags. I used to buy these sweety bags and they had sweets in the shape of monsters, rabber monster toys, monster cards, monster stickers and other cool stuff, I havent seen anything like it in ages.

As much as I like horror that is in some way convincing, I really adore the exaggerated Halloween/ghost train monstery monster stuff, which is what this is.

I went to see Mark Kozelek on Halloween and he was one of the only people who bothered to wear a mask(I didn't dress up)but outside the venue, there were just people dressed as jokes and superheroes and girls dressed up slutty, and if you're going to dress up slutty, why not go as vampire lady instead of some underwear lady?

Sean "Goblin" Aaberg said...

FuFu, thanks, & i love the kids, but there is no fucking way i would ever hand color out as many comix as i gave away that evening & to my students! No way! So yeah, they were color reproductions.
Zeke, you're more than welcome! Actually, i'll send you over a comic. Any other Cannibal Ducks on here as well, just give your address & i'll send some stuff.
Robert, you are making me all covetous about those monster bags. Next year i hope to have every item in the showbag be an original Goblinko product, but this year i wasn't as on the ball as i should have been. I like goofy horror, or old convincing horror, the new stuff just tries to push the envelope of decency & sanity too much, i can't get behind it, except for maybe the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre & that kind of stuff.

Paleo said...

Here is customary to give “souvenir bags” at kid’s birthdays, with little plastic toys and candy, and they’re usually handmade too.

The comic its so grrreat! you should do instructional booklets in comic form for novelty gags!

Aeron said...

I wish we could all do custom halloween costumes like the ones from the 80's that came in small square boxes and had a flimsy plastic mask and a sheet of plastic that you wore that related to the mask. Anyway, great comics. That's the coolest Halloween grab bag ever!

Sean "Goblin" Aaberg said...

You mean those Collegeville ones? Those were so cheaply made, it wouldn't be that expensive to get them done. Those were always a weird costume idea, the crinkly mask with the overalls that then advertised your character on them. What the hell? There is a very cool Rat Fink one of those.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it was like wearing a poster, but more than anything what struck me as so strange about that line was the idea of the masks inside boxes. There was something.. I don't know... twilight zone about that.

- aeron

Sean "Goblin" Aaberg said...

All the faces lined up on the shelves? Yes indeed. & they all look like really crazy versions of blow-up sex dolls.