Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Le Dernier Cri money

This is for le dernier cri, 'dead money' project.


Human Mollusk said...

Ha, very cool! I habn't heard of that project before. Love the way you used the second colour, is there a reason for the divided design on the back?
Re: your question from the other post:
I've been living in Amsterdam for a couple of months now, and I'm probably staying until early February. After that it's most likely Berlin for me.

Sean "Goblin" Aaberg said...

wow! beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I love Le Dernier Cri. Weird, I just mentioned them in a post yesterday, found a bitchin Brinkman drawing from a show they did last month. I want to submit something to their Hopital Brut anthology someday. Anyway, that's some funky ass money. I imagine the coins associated with the bills would have small grotesque faces that would stick their tongues out and scream insane nonsense.

- aeron

Luke Pski said...

really cool. I especially like the top one, specifically the circular shaped thingy.

zeke said...

Thanks chaps,
Le Dernier Cri used some previous stuff I'd sent them to make this a more interesting 2 sided image and chose the colours. So it looks quite a bit different from the rather plain 1 sided image I originally sent, I like how it turned out.
Fu Fu if you go to Berlin, there's a comic library there: where my friend Crippaxxxalmqvist does stuff.