Friday, November 23, 2007

Scenes from my past...

This is Trashy Cat. I don't like cats in general, but i do like scrappy alley cats that don't live indoors.
Commando Comix. A comic based on my favorite Ramones Song. Trashy Cat is featured at the end there. Also featured is Teutonic Terrapin & the Communist Straw Man.
colonel mustard's hot dog
Colonel Mustards secured the holy trinity of Oakland Grand-Lake businesses, the other two being the Grand-Lake Smoke Shop & the Grand-Lake Theatre. You could buy a hot dog, see a 50¢ movie, get a Mad Magazine & some nickel candy & you're set for the day. Nowadays, kids don't buy comic books, hot dogs are out of style, movies are too expensive & kids don't leave the house to see them, there is no such thing as nickel candy & what the hell!?!
coliseum pizza color
The Masked Men (my teenage punk band) thrived on cheap Coliseum Pizza in our mysterious deep east oakland garage. They were the only & cheapest pizza place that would deliver to us. I hear that the owner just blasted a would-be robber, thus securing the philosophy of Coliseum Pizza & myself, which is to take the law into your own hands.


zeke said...

You don't like cats?! what's wrong with ya! but 'Trashy Cat's awesome! and to see the ramones tune illustrated really made my day, fantastic stuff.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff, I got an awesome vision in my head of the pizza owner getting robbed while making a pizza only to throw the circular sheet of pizza dough at the robber, grab a double barrel shotgun, fill it with bullets and pizza toppings then shoot the guy. The guy topples into the open door of a pizza oven and the pizza owner kicks it shut, smacks his hands and shouts, "WE'LL CALL THAT ONE A DEEP DISH!"

- aeron

SEAN said...

ha ha hilarious!

SEAN said...

oh, & zeke, glad to make anyone's day. about cats, i'm pretty allergic to them, & my mom always had a bunch of the lazy flea bags lying around the house. they're fine outside, but in general, i don't like animals inside the house. dogs too. i have to admit, i don't like animals very much in general, in the "i can relate to you." sort of way. more of as forces of nature or amusements.

Paleo said...

That slice is so nasty! Great stuff, also, The Masked Men may well be the

greatest name ever for a teenaged punk band.

SEAN said...

thanks! here's some of our stuff.
i wish we had stuck to our guns & kept going, but it just wasn't to be.