Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Mommy's Darling Cthulhu

Complete Collection of Cthulhus


zeke said...

It's cool seeing all these creatures together, are you going to add colour to any of them?
Also I'm ploughing my way through,'mountains of madness' at the moment and wondered if you've ever drawn any of the conical starfish headed creatures from that?

Aeron said...

Keep em goin man. The more of these the better I say. It's really great to see you exploring all these weird anatomical possibilities with the cthulhu theme.

I remember the first place I saw Cthulhu was as a child watching the Real Ghostbusters cartoon. There was some cult of robbed weirdos worshipping Cthulhu near the docks in an episode.

And that part in At The Mountains of Madness where they find the tin cans split open and those strange foot prints everywhere.. that was one of the creepiest scenes in a story ever! Someone really needs to turn that into a film.

Human Mollusk said...

Thanks Zeke. I'm thinking of doing a silkscreen portfolio or book with these and maybe one or more colors, too. I'll see. No I have never drawn the cone creatures (Elder Things I think they're called), right now I'm sticking to Cthulhu.
Aeron, as far as I know Del Toro is currently working on an adaptation of MOM. Have you ever checked out the musical performance by the Tiger Lillies of the same title?

Ray Frenden said...

I've checked out the musical performance you reference, I think. Unless there are two MOM inspired concept album/play-deals out there!

Robert Adam Gilmour said...

Is that a black background or are they tentacles on his back? Nice either way.

Paleo said...

Another solid badass one.

If you stare long enough at the tentacles on the face, i swear they seem to move.